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About the Author

Historically, French beading has been used to create unique three-dimensional beaded flowers and designs for jewelry, apparel, floral arrangements, and funerary art. The French beading technique uses small bits of glass – beads-- supported by an armature support wire, which are used by the bead artist to create a sculptural art form. It is in essence a form of glass sculptural art.

The appeal of the French beading technique is the diversity of beading and sewing techniques incorporated into the technique itself, which requires the bead artist to draw on all of his/her knowledge of beading, sewing, and art and design to create beautiful beaded pieces of three-dimensional art.

Zoe was introduced to beads at an early age and began with bead stringing and now has over 20 years of experience, including commissioned work.

In French Beaded Flowers: The Complete Guide, there are step-by-step photos of instructional techniques used to create beaded flowers. In addition, patterns are provided of wild flowers for an applied approach to learning the beading technique. The flowers and patterns were selected to provide an applied use of the techniques included in the technique section of the book.

It is through the flowers and flower patterns included in the book that you will learn about the author. The flowers tell you where she is from, Alaska; her favorite local flowers; and her love of both beads and flowers.